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Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014

Human trafficking prevention and victim support through anti-trafficking hotline +3726607320 service

Objective: Project aims to prevent trafficking for the purpose of labour exploitation and to support victims of labour exploitation.

Target group: Inhabitants of Estonia.

Needs assessment:
Estonia is currently the country of origin for human trafficking victims, but to a small extent also the transit country, and destination country. The target group for traffickers is rather wide, as many people have strong wish to work abroad, and this is supported by data provided by a number of national reports.

Project outcomes:
  • Safer environment for everyone in society created through empowering victims into making informed decisions about their rights and educating the general population on the topic.
  • Knowledge-based decisions made regarding new anti-trafficking policies and strategies.
  • Data collected during the project will be gathered and analyzed, so it can be used in process of developing efficient national strategies and policies on human trafficking, especially in labour exploitation and labour trafficking field.
    Improved and sustainable anti-trafficking activities maintained.
Within the project scope, NGO Living for Tomorrow will:
  • continue providing Human trafficking prevention and victim support through anti-trafficking hotline services(expected min 2500 clients will receive consultation);
  • collect monthly statistical data on services provided by the hotline, potential and actual victims labour trafficking and yearly analysis and overview of assisted cases;
  • perform primary identification and referral of trafficking victims to National Referral Mechanism (around 15 victims will be assisted);
  • conduct awareness study among young people on prevention of human trafficking;
  • produce preventive materials (printed and web-resources) and carry out information campaign among general population via Human trafficking prevention and victim support through anti-trafficking hotline +3726607320, LFT website, local and national media and different events.